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Bibol SOAI. Bibol SOAI is a lightweight asymmetric bamboo bowl: dimension: h 7.5 cm x l 19 cm x w 26 cm. Use these timeless bowls for serving bread, salad, pasta or as fruit bowl. Bibol bowls can contain liquid or solid food, hot (up to 70 ° C) or cold. Lacquers and varnishes are food and without solvent or volatile organic compounds. Matte finish. Coquille finish is inlaid with real eggshell shell. A long and meticulous work, for a remarkable result that makes each piece unique.

o Dimension: h 7.5 cm x l 19 cm x w 26 cm
o Hand wash. Rinse and dry thoroughly after washing. No dishwasher, no microwave.
o material: bamboo
o Ethically hand made in Vietnam

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