The Spanish brand Ecoalf is all about innovative thinking and ingenious design. Javier Goyeneche was frustrated with the careless exploitation of natural resources and the excessive amount of waste produced by the industrialized countries. His idea was to create a truly sustainable brand and so Ecoalf was founded in 2009.

By recycling plastic bottles, fishing nets and polyester lifted out from the Mediterranean Ecoalf proves that there is no need to exploit the environment. Ecoalf represents the first generation of brands that creates recycled fashion that's as least as competent in quality, design and technical properties as the best non-recycling ones. Our collection at Nudge offers Ecoalf's stylish and ecological women's jackets and coats.

Ecoalf uses materials such as tencel®, recycled wool as well as post-industrial linen and cotton. Using post-industrial and recycled fabrics reduces water and energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Ecoalf also recycles PET bottles, fishing nets and used tires to create their unique collections.

So far Ecoalf has recycled over 70 million plastic bottles and 60 tonnes of fishing nets. One ladies' jacket is made with 80 recycled PET bottles, another one completely out of recycled fishing nets and a third from 12 PET bottles and 3 cups of coffee. That's right: Ecoalf recycles even coffee into fashion! The yarn is spun from dried coffee ground into nano powder that's combined with recycled polyester polymers. The fabric that's produced as a result is soft, flexible and breathable. Coffee's UV protectant, odour-resistant and water-resistant properties make it an excellent raw material to utilise in producing clothes! 

Ecoalf works actively in nature conservation and cleaning the environment. Get to know the Ecoalf Foundation.

How do plastic bottles become a jacket?

ECOALF Recycling PET Bottles from ECOALF on Vimeo.

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