Kavat shoes

Kavat is a Swedish shoe manufacturer that has produced high quality footwear for women, men and children since the 1970s. 

”No damn garbage!” Ragnar Karlsson, the father of Kavat’s founder Bengt Karlsson, used to say. Keeping in mind his father’s words Bengt and Kavat strive to change the throwaway culture that in our age is infamously the dominant mentality of consumption. Kavat means plucky and courageous in Swedish and courage is no doubt needed to take on this challenge. Producing longlasting shoes from carefully chosen high quality and environmentally friendly materials Kavat responds to the needs of a growing number of consumers that want to live sustainably. 

Kavat has a long history in Kumla, a municipality in central Sweden, where Ragnar Karlsson founded his own shoe business in the 1940s. Nowadays a small portion of Kavat’s production still operates in the area alongside with a shoe industry museum, where Kavat also organizes shoemaking classes to spread knowledge of sustainable craftmanship. Most of Kavat’s production is in Bosnia, where Kavat founded a factory in 2009 with the help of the same people who came to Kumla in the 1990s to flee the Bosnian war. The factory was founded in an area with a long tradition of shoe manufacturing and so Kavat was able to draw on the locals’ expertise and develop their brand. The factory is ISO certified (9001 and 14001) and meets the demands of the EU Ecolabel. 

The EU Ecolabel is the official eco labeling system of the European Union. It helps the consumer recognize products and services that have a reduced impact on the environment throughout their life cycle (acquiring the materials, the production chain, the service life of the product and its proper discarding afterwards).

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