Aamumaa | organic soap

Aamumaa was founded by Kristiina Nevakivi in 2009 to create beautiful and environmentally friendly lifestyle products. Our collection includes Aamumaa's gentle handmade natural soaps.

The cold pressed soaps are made from ingredients like bilberry and lingonberry that are found abundantly in Finnish nature. High quality vegetable and essential oils sourced e.g. from juniper sprouts, sea buckthorn seeds, mint, black spruce and citruses nurture body and mind: mint activates, citruses invigorate and black spruce releases tensions. Aamumaa does not use petrochemicals, animal fats, palm oil or genetically modified vegetable oils in their soaps nor are they tested with animals. The packaging used is recyclable and FSC certified.

Aamumaa draws inspiration from endangered species and nature in all its wonderful colours, textures, sounds and scents. The cute soap designs each feature a print of an animal's paw, hoof or webbed foot. The collection includes a fragrance-free option and a soap that goes also as a linen fragrance.

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