Bibol is a french brand that makes bamboo bowls. Bamboo is always natural, it's the way it is glued, painted and varnished that makes the difference. The bibol products are assembled with a natural resin. Paints and varnishes are food and clean: VOC free (volatile organic component), formaldehyde free. It's better for you and for the planet, much better for those who make them.

Fair Trade

Bibol bowls are made ethically in Vietnam where they have been working since the beginning with a hundred craftsmen. The prices are fixed by the craftsmen. The latter always have a working capital, bibol finances the production well upstream. Craftsmen are paid 2 to 3 times the minimum wage and have health insurance. There is no child labor. And most importantly, they are not in solvents all day.

The production of clean products and an equitable approach have a price. Bibol manufacturing cost is 2 to 3 times greater than those that paint with solvents. To remain fair with the consumer, we reduce the ancillary costs: No intermediary between the Vietnamese craftsmen and bibol, Petite Lune speaks perfectly Vietnamese. No over-packing, the cartons used from Vietnam already come from recycling, they are kept for shipments. Transportation is by boat.

Bibol products reflect the quality of human exchanges: sustainable and natural. To avoid being confused with other bamboo products that do not know how they are painted or varnished, bibol products are always signed, guaranteeing our quality and our ethics.

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