HELGE Stuudio

Helge Stuudio is an Estonian jewelry brand founded in 2014 by Eveliis Salaka. Helge’s jewelry is best described by its name - helge is Estonian for light, positive or intelligent - the jewelry is easy to wear and simple with a little bit of characteristics. Eveliis loves asymmetry and imperfection, meaning that everything doesn’t have to be perfect to be pretty. Beauty in imperfection is manifested in the materials Eveliis has chosen for her collections. Loving the look and feel of raw-looking natural gemstones, all products are made of various semi-precious gemstones and sterling silver. Eveliis mainly makes pieces that she would want to wear and incorporate in her everyday style. Helge works with a small family-owned partner factory situated in North India, where all gemstones and metal findings are produced. All pieces are assembled and crafted into jewelry in Helge’s studio in the creative district of Telliskivi in Tallinn. All the packaging is recyclable and vegan. Helge jewelry is designed to be treasured pieces for day-to-day wear - sweet everyday essentials.

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