Laura Pehkonen – Ceramic Art Jewellery

Ceramic earrings | Unique and hand made

40,00 €

Laura Pehkonen. Hand made unique ceramic earrings. Laura Pehkonen is a Finnish ceramic artist. She patterns the earrings one by one, so you won´t find two similar pieces. Diameter of each earring varies approx. from 0.6cm - 1 cm.

Porcelain is high quality and sustainable material for jewellery. In her works she uses lots of different ceramic decoration techniques for example hand painting, decals and gilding. All the decals are made from her hand drawn designs and they are fired in high temperature on the surface of the porcelain. That makes the decorations durable, they won´t wear out. In the earrings the studs are 100% sterling silver. 

Palkki 1: h 1.9cm, w 0.7cm
Palkki 2: h 3.1cm, w 0.7cm
Palkki 3: h 3.1cm, w 0.8cm
Palkki 3: h 3.0cm, w 0.8cm

o material: ceramic + 100% sterling silver stud
o Finnish Design
o Ethically hand made in Kerava, Finland by Laura Pehkonen

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