Veja makes ethically and ecologically produced sneakers. They use recycled cotton, vegetable tanned leather, low-chrome leather, vegetable tanned fish skin and recycled plastic bottles and conventional dying approved by Ecolabel to make sneakers. Veja is a transparent company trying to improve it's operations all the time. All the sneakers are designed in France and ethically made in Porto Alegra, Brazil. 

Usually fish skin is a waste and thrown away but Veja uses it to make sneakers.
Upcycling fish leather to make sneakers is a handcrafted long and complicated process that takes nearly 30 days from start to finish. Only 100% vegetable tanning is used during the process. Veja uses Tilapia skin leather which is a tropical fish with thin scales that gives a strong yet subtle and elegant leather. It takes 9 fish skins to manufacture a sneaker. Using Tilapia makes every pair unique.

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