Suki – Skin Care

Suki skincare products are clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and skin problems without any synthetic ingredients. Suki products have high concentration of active botanical ingredients that help to achieve balanced and strong skin. Many consumers using actively Suki products have got visible and long lasting results. All products are suitable for sensitive skin. Products are tested safe for pregnant women, nursing mums & babies.

Founder, Suki Kramer, struggled with skin problems for many years. She had tried several different products (including synthetics) but, at best, those just moisturized with no effect. She searched for mentors and information because she wanted to create 100% pure and effective skin care line with high-powered botanical actives that are as effective as a synthetic. Finally she found a chemist who believed in her idea. Experimentation took two years and she managed to create strong actives to work for every skin, especially sensitive skin.

Suki ingredients are clinically proven and 100% pure. Formulas are made from natural, organic and food grade ingredients and they allow skin to work in unison with the skin´s natural biological processes. Suki sources for fair trade, organic and local whenever possible. All ingredients are completely cruelty-free and many products are vegan. The sole animal ingredient – 100% organic beeswax is sourced from farms that do not harm bees or burn hives.  No synthetic allergens. No parabens. No phthalates. No petrochemicals. No synthetic fragrances/dyes. No sulfates. Products are packed in glass when possible. This helps to preserve and maintain the integrity of the herbal content.